Any great endeavor starts with a vision. And the vision of Brow Wood began in 1961 when a group of forward-thinking and caring women realized the need for a special community on Lookout Mountain, where life could be lived fully and easily at ANY age and health support available when needed.

A generation later, thanks to the dedication, hard work and strategic planning on the part of Frank Brock, the son of one of those visionaries, and his team of like-minded partners, Brow Wood is becoming reality.

Brow Wood’s core principles have been the guiding force in each phase of development…

Provide low-maintenance living choices as well as excellent health care options.

Combine a beautiful Lookout Mountain setting with the wealth of amenities both within and without the community that would enhance life and encourage genuine support and care.

Foster true health among its residents by providing opportunities for mental, physical, social and spiritual stimulation, and offer superior home health options to enable all residents to remain in their homes until a need arises for full time support in Brow Wood Assisted Living.

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Brow Wood would not have been possible without grants from a foundation left by one of those sixties residents, a widow who died of Alzheimer's. Brow Wood's Georgia non-profit is AALC, Inc., which stands for Active Adult Living Community. AALCs goal is to help meet the health, education, and religious needs of seniors. AALC, Inc. especially seeks to serve pastors, missionaries, and teachers in Christian schools who have given their lives in service to others but may find themselves in need of help in their senior years. To make a tax-deductible gift, send your check to AALC, Inc. 199 Brow Wood Lane, Lookout Mountain, GA 30750. To make a gift of appreciated assets; www.pcafoundation.com  to learn more about how your donation can help VIEW PDF

The dream of Brow Wood is now a reality, thanks to a dedicated team of partners who truly believe the best communities are "built together." Won't you join us?

  • Frank Brock
    Frank Brock
  • Scenic Land Company
  • Real Estate Partners
  • GenTech     

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