Community Living Amenities

Find choices that add delight, interest and comfort to your daily life. Whether you are drawn to staying fit, relaxing with a good book, museum and gallery hopping, community gardening, brushing up on Civil War history, or enjoying an excellent dinner with new friends, Brow Wood and the surrounding community offer lifestyle experiences and amenities that will enhance your life.

The neighborhood plan at Brow Wood includes a Market and Bistro (with take-out services), as well as retail spaces for a salon, sundries, coffee shop and general store.

A planned business center will be managed in conjunction with local college business and community development programs. Community gardens will be a delightful pastime and will provide fresh fruits and vegetables grown on site, year round.

A beautifully-built pavilion at the heart of the Brow Wood property will provide an inviting place for friends to gather.

Because health and fitness play a key role in your ability to get the most out of life, planned facilities also include a fitness center, pharmacy services and on-site health care.

And this is only the beginning.

Lookout Mountain, a city elevated 1,200 feet above the valley, offers much more than stunning views, preserved woodlands, mountain breezes and temperatures often ten degrees cooler than in nearby Chattanooga.

Twelve thousand acres of preserved parkland offer easy hikes along miles of beautiful trails. Enjoy access to the Lookout Mountain Golf Club, Fairyland Club, retail and restaurant options, thriving churches, community organizations, walking paths, town commons, and Lookout Mountain Town Center.

Just one mile north of Brow Wood is Covenant College, a 1,000 student residential college. Brow Wood residents can take advantage of opportunities to visit the campus, enroll in courses, learn an instrument, create artwork, or enjoy the library. Volunteer to mentor students, share your stories and pass along your experience, while enjoying the energy and enthusiasm of quality young people.

Only eight miles away, Chattanooga is a thriving metropolis known as the Southeast’s Scenic City. There you will find shops and services for every need, restaurants for every taste, and recreational options for every mood. Whether you prefer museums, parks, a zoo, prestigious golf courses – or all of the above – you will find them only minutes away.

Lookout Mountain and Chattanooga are centrally located in the Southeast. Less than two-and-a-half hour’s drive from Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, Knoxville, Huntsville; and a half-day’s drive from Greenville, Augusta, Macon, Memphis, Lexington, Montgomery, Cincinnati, and Asheville.

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