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Assisted Living

For those who are unable to stay in their own homes, Brow Wood will offer Assisted Living. Brow Wood Assisted Living will be a 49-room facility with nursing care, including fifteen rooms for memory care. This will be the only facility of its type in the surrounding nine zip-code area. There is no entry fee, but priority will be given to qualified property owners
of Brow Wood.

The Assisted Living facility will offer three meals a day, nursing care, physical therapy, the latest health care technology, and a host of activities. Brow Wood will offer round-the-clock care by a staff dedicated to giving personal attention and care to each resident.

Erlanger Medical Center, Memorial Hospital, and Parkridge Medical Center in Chattanooga provide specialists and expertise. Additionally, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Emory University Hospital and University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital are all within a three-hour drive.

Brow Wood Assisted Living has an agreement with Thrive Senior Living to operate the facility. Thrive has secured a letter of commitment from a local bank and is in the process of raising the remaining equity required for the $10 million complex. Thrive expects construction to begin Fall 2014.

Click here to hear Jeramy Ragsdale of Thrive Senior Living talk about some of the new technology for memory care that will be incorporated into Brow Wood's Assisted Living facility.