Architectural Review Process and Design Guidelines

Architectural Review Process and Design Guidelines

Brow Wood is a master-planned community for active adults who have an appetite for living. The community enjoys a beautiful mountain top setting and a traditional town plan offering a variety of home choices and amenities with a unique sense of place and community.

Brow Wood has an architectural review process that is intended to assist residents and builders in constructing homes with the high-quality character and sense of place that is intended by the Board and Architectural Review Committee (ARC); and, consistent with the relaxed, but upscale, Lookout Mountain vernacular.

The guidelines will be especially important to anyone wanting to build a home on the Western Brow, which features both brow and brow-view lots, nestled along a meandering mountain road that also serves as a one-mile walkway with outdoor areas along the way, including the Community Garden, the Pond, and the two cul-de-sacs. Brow Wood is designed as a walking community.

Brow Wood has designed townhomes and has architectural plans for both the Brow side and The Eastern Woodland side, which is a "front porch" neighborhood of townhomes with streets designed for walkability and integrated green spaces. The townhomes are connected by sidewalks to Brow Wood Assisted Living, trails to Covenant College and beyond, and the future commercial area.

Whether building your own home or living in a home or townhome designed by Brow Wood, the guidelines will help you know what to expect and will protect your future home value.

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