Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I move to an Active Adult Living Community?


Repose, re-create, re-connect, re-invent, re-invigorate! Take control of your own choices. Be independent. Be in community. Have less clutter and less maintenance. Make room for other priorities. Plan for the future! 

Q. Where is Brow Wood?


Twenty minutes from downtown Chattanooga, one mile south of Covenant College on Scenic Highway (Georgia 157), on the western Brow of beautiful Lookout Mountain with spectacular western mountain views on one side and a wooded forest with trails on the other side. 

Q. Why relocate to the Lookout Mountain area?


 Lookout Mountain has a wonderful neighborly feel, known to be safe and family-friendly. It is centrally located to much of the East Cost of America with four distinct but still temperate seasons.

It is one mile from Covenant College. Covenant College welcomes Brow Wood residents. Concerts, lecture series, athletic events, a library, classes, and enterprising students, as well as an outdoor pool, tennis courts, and a fitness center are available to nearby residents.

The Lookout Mountain Golf Club, a great mountain course, and the Fairyland Club are ten minutes away from Brow Wood and have reasonable membership rates.

A doctor’s office, dentist, veterinarian, post office, spa, gas station, the Mountain Market, Café on the Corner, Talus, Starbucks, and strong churches, as well as thousands of acres of outdoor parks and trails, are all near Brow Wood. 

Q. What types of residential homes are available to own?


On the brow side (the West side of Scenic Highway), there will be individually-owned homes and townhomes on both sides of Brow Wood Lane. You can build a custom home on one of the Brow lots, which average 100’ wide and are directly on the brow. There are pre-designed homes for the Brow-view lots, which average about 70wide. The developer will make building a pre- designed house as easy as buying a car, or you can be very involved and select colors, fixtures, etc. There are also townhomes that have already been designed for Brow or Brow-view lots. These are two two-bedroom, one story homes that share a zero lot line. 

Q. What is the range of lot prices on the brow side?


There are two categories of lots: brow and brow-view...

  • Brow lots range from $152,400 to $209,000
  • Brow-view lots range from $80,000 to $89,000
    (on the Brow side of Scenic Highway, but just off the Brow)

The site plan may be seen here.

Q. How much would a typical pre-designed home cost?


Using the current costs of construction and an architecturally-designed home plan with hardwood floors, 9’ ceilings, granite countertops, and a large master bath, you can build a two- bedroom townhome for $290,000, all inclusive (design, site preparation, drive, and mailbox).

Before building a home, the design and site plan must be submitted for architectural review and site plan approval, for which there is a $750 fee.

Construction costs may vary over the time period between now and construction of the home. 

Q. Is this community a “Continuing Care Retirement Community”?


No, that is a different model. All homes on the Brow side will be owned fee simple. At this time, everything on the Woodlands side is monthly rental. We believe most people prefer to live independently as long as possible, make their own health choices, and pay a fee for services rendered. 

Q. What health care options will be available?


Thrive Senior Living ( will own and operate Thrive Assisted Living with Memory Care. Residents may also have home health care, some of which may be offered out of Thrive Assisted Living. Thrive plans to have a doctor come each week, and all Brow Wood residents may make appointments. There will also be a physical therapy room. 

Q. What community amenities are currently planned?


Because of the proximity to so many public amenities and the get-up-and-go concept, Brow Wood did want to saddle residents with paying for duplicate amenities that are available nearby. The is a small outdoor pavilion with a grill and fire place, a Bocce ball court, a community garden with raised beds and a potting shed for tools, and a gazebo and fishing pond. Brow Wood Lane is a one mile, low traffic loop. Most residents get out a walk and a neighborly visit. There is also a trail to Covenant College and a Trail behind Thrive along a small mountain creek.

As the community develops, the design calls for a commercial area on the east side of Scenic Highway. Actual services will depend on commercial interest but could include the following: market and bistro (which will provide dine-in, take-out and catering service, with accompanying specialty foods available for purchase), hair salon, and a general store. In addition, the commercial area is designed for office space, light retail, and health, fitness, arts and crafts areas. 

Q. Will there be a Declaration Covenants and Restrictions (DCR's)?


Yes. The DCR’s define and regulate the Brow Wood Community.

There are also Architectural Guidelines to assure high-quality construction and a consistent aesthetic throughout the entire community. Both the guidelines and DCR’s are available for your review on the Brow Wood website ( 

Q. Will there be a homeowners association?


Yes. A monthly maintenance fee will be charged that will provide for lawn care, care of common areas, community utilities, etc. The 2015 fees were $155/month for Brow Lots and $111 for Brow- view lots. Lawncare for homes is in addition and the standard fee is $190/month. We do not expect much of a change, if any, in 2016. 

Q. What utilities will service the community?


Dade County Water, Chattanooga EPB power and Fiber Optic, Georgia Natural Gas, and Lookout Mountain Sewer. A private contractor will provide garbage service.

Q. Must this be my primary residence?


It could be a second home, but there will be limitations on renting the home. We hope that for most people this will be their primary home.

Q. How soon can I start to build?


The initial construction of roads and utilities should be completed by the Fall of 2012.

Once you receive clear title to your lot and the design review committee approves building plans, construction of your new home can begin immediately. We really want to encourage homebuilding as soon as possible, but we know that for some this will require selling your own home. Even if you do not build a home immediately, you must expect a monthly maintenance fee, which will be lower for unimproved lots.

Q. Will there be a realtor?


Brow Wood is using Real Estate Partners, Inc as the listing agent. Beth Harrell is the sales agent.

Q. What is AALC?


AALC, Inc stands for Active Adult Living Community, and it is a non-­‐profit created to provide health, religious, and educational services to meet the needs of the elderly. AALC owned the land on which Brow Wood will be built and helped gain entitlements on that land so that it would be possible to build a unique community on Lookout Mountain. AALC will actively solicit donations to enhance the quality of life for seniors, and AALC will enter into contracts with a for-profit assisted living manager to manage Brow Wood Assisted Living commensurate with AALC’s ideals for Christ-centered service to others. There will be a transfer fee payable on all property transfers to aid AALC accomplish its mission.

Q. What are the total estimated costs for taxes, HOA, and utilities?


Estimated Annual Costs Associated With 1700 square foot Pre-designed Home Or Townhome 

Electricity $840
Gas $840
Water $300
Sewer $660
Home Lawn Care  $1200
Property Taxes (For Those Over 65 In A $300K Home) $984
Cable/Telephone/Internet (EPB Bundle) $1680
Home Maintenance ¹ <$960
2013 HOA Dues (including $492 for sewer connection) $1335
Insurance (West Brow Fire District) ² $1500
Garbage Service $240
Georgia Income Tax ³  
  1. While initial costs should be less than $1000 per year, all homes will need occasional painting, roofing, and other repair, no matter how well-built. Brow Wood guidelines are designed to minimize maintenance and utility costs.
  2. This quote assumes a better rate by buying both auto and homeowner’s insurance from the same company.
  3. Georgia’s income tax starts lower than 6% but quickly gets up to 6%, so the most conservative estimate is 6%. However, if you are over 65, Georgia allows a deduction of $65,000 per person on dividend and interest income in 2012, and a $100,000 deduction per person in 2013. And you can deduct Georgia state income tax from your federal tax return. In Georgia, there is no state inheritance tax.
    If you live in Tennessee, you may pay 6% Hall tax on dividend and interest income.